• Coffee Machine Descaler 425ml
    Suitable for automatic or traditional coffee machines. Totally organic and biodegradable. Improves efficiency of appliances by removing scale from thermoblocks and steam valves. Non Corrosive to metal parts. Easy one-shot use. 14 Washes
  • Espresso Machine Cleaner 425g
    Effectively removes coffee and oily residues from espresso machines via the backflushing method. Phosphate free. Non corrosive to all metals. Effective in all water conditions and removes hard water scale deposits. 140 Washes
  • Milk Frother Cleaner + Sanitiser 425ml
    Effectively removes milk residue and scale from the steam wands, valves and tubes. Kills Salmonella, E coli and Listeria. Non corrosive to surfaces. Effective in all water conditions. 21 Washes