Welcome to the wonderful world of
food dehydration!

  • You can dry almost everything including fruit, vegetables, herbs & spices, meat, fish – even flowers. Dehydrating intensifies the aroma and taste of food, transforming it into the perfect ingredient for enhancing the flavour of your favourite snacks and dishes.
  • Market-leading Ezidri range offers the ultimate in food drying appliances, accessories & service.
  • It's so easy! To dehydrate anything, all you need to do is simply slice your produce, set it on the trays and forget about it for the next 8-12 hours. You can even leave it on overnight, so you can wake up to a dehydrator full of dried goodness ready to be enjoyed!
  • With three models to choose from, there’s one to suit everyone’s needs & budget.
  • Ezidri Australia is the exclusive Australian importer and agent for Ezidri dehydrators and has established a strong network of distributors and retailers across Australia. 

The three available Ezidri models are: