The Ultra FD 1000 is now obsolete and has been replaced with the Ultra FD1000 Digital Model.

Accessories and spare parts are still available.

All accessories are compatible with our FD1000 Digital Ultra.

  • Instruction / Recipe Book (Ultra / Snackmaker/Classic)
    Replacement instruction and recipe book for your Ultra, Snackmaker or Classic food dehydrator
  • Ultra FD1000 / DIGITAL Mesh Sheet - Single
    Mesh sheets make removing sticky items from trays much easier. Also useful when drying small herbs etc that might fall through trays
  • Ultra FD1000/DIGITAL Solid Sheet - Single
    Ideal for making fruit leathers, or roll-ups, and for dehydrating soups, casseroles and similar meals and snacks
  • Ultra FD1000/DIGITAL Spacer Ring - Single "OUT OF STOCK"
    A spacer ring will give a tray more 'head-room' for drying larger items
  • Ultra FD1000/DIGITAL Tray - Single "OUT OF STOCK"
    Add extra trays to increase the capacity of your dehydrator.
  • Ultra FD1000/DIGITAL Unit Lid
    Replacement lid to fit Ultra FD 1000/DIGITAL