Cleaning solutions to suit all specialty surfaces and appliances!

  • For over 25 years now, Hillmark has maintained its status as a leading force in the appliance cleaning market and in this time it has built a reputation second to none. Hillmark is proud to have been Australian made & owned for over 25 years and will continue to set the pace in the future.
  • Hillmark believes there is no need for harsh chemicals around the home, which is why the Hillmark range contains environmentally friendly, biodegradable products that are perfect for the eco-conscious consumer.

  • Cooktop Scraper
    Hillmark Cooktop Scraper is essential for all cooktop owners & is the first step in the Ceramic Glass Care routine. All spills should be removed immediately before they cool using you Cooktop Scraper. It takes no time at all for food with high sugar levels to erode your cooktop. 1 size only, comes with 5 replacement blades.
  • ExpressoKleen Kettle & Coffee Machine Descaler
    ExpressoKleen is a powerful, yet gentle descaler designed to rapidly clean & descale your appliance. ExpressoKleen is a quick & easy way to get rid of the nasty build-up in kettles, coffee machines & urns. Includes 3 x 40gm sachets
  • Rangehood FilterKleen Filter Degreaser & Cleaner
    Rangehood FilterKleen is a concentrated cleaner, which banishes rangehood grease & grime – in a flash! 375ml Bottle.
  • Scalex Heavy Duty Home Descaler *OUT OF STOCK*
    Scalex gets tough on lime, calcium and rust. Lime scale & calcium build-up decreases the efficiency of hot-water appliances, which increases running costs & shortens the appliance’s life. 375g Bottle
  • Scalex Plus Appliance Cleaner & Refresher
    Scalex Plus dissolves grease, food deposits, detergent residue, limescale deposits & calcium build-up from dishwashers & washing machines. Scalex Plus cleans, descales & deodorises, leaving behind a sparkling & sanitised interior & a long-lasting, fresh, lemon fragrance. Includes 3 x 70gm sachets.
  • Scraper Blades
    5 replacement blades for the cooktop scraper.
  • ShineOn Solid Hotplate Protector
    ShineOn bonds with the hotplate surface to provide protection against surface pitting & flaking. 25gm tube with applicator.
  • Stainless Steel Care Kit
    Stainless Steel Care Kit is essential for all stainless steel surface & appliance owners. This cleaning and care kit contains All you need to care for and protect your stainless steel surfaces and appliances. Care Kit includes 1 x Pk of 10 SteelKleen EziWipes, 1 x 250ml SteelKleen pump bottle & 1 x 250ml SteelPower bottle.
  • Steel Shine - 5 Litre Bottle
    Now available in a value for money 5 litre bottle! Steel Shine cleans and removes fingerprints, water spots and grime from stainless steel surfaces, leaving behind a transparent film that repels further markings.
  • SteelKleen Stainless Steel Cleaner & Repellent
    SteelKleen is a unique stainless steel cleaner that removes fingerprints, smears, waterspots & spatters and leaves behind a transparent film that repels new marks. 250ml pump spray.
  • SteelKleen Stainless Steel Cleaning Wipes
    SteelKleen Stainless Steel Cleaning Wipes are specially designed for convenient, quick and easy removal of light marks & soiling! Perfect for use on all stainless appliances including fridges, ovens, microwaves, dishwashers, rangehoods & splashbacks. Includes 20 wipes per packet.
  • SteelPower Heavy Duty Cleaner for Cooktops, Cookware & Sinks
    SteelPower is a powerful non-scratching heavy-duty cream cleaner formula, which dissolves & removes stains, spills, baked-on foods and other build up easily from stainless steel. 250ml bottle.