Ezidri Australia imports and distributes a high quality range of both electric and manually operated kitchen appliances and gadgets.  From our market  leading Ezidri Dehydrator range to the very popular Italian made Ezivac vacuum packaging unit and the unique and innovative Sushezi sushi maker.

All our products come with manufacturers warranties and with most of them, a 24 month service and repair warranty applies. The Ezidri, Ezivac, Anuka and Sushezi range are manufactured with the highest quality components and as such, will provide many years of enjoyable and trouble free use.

This product range is also designed and manufactured so that they can be repaired if needed.  Ezidri Australia is now pleased to be able to provide to the public our extensive range of spare parts and components which are now available through our online store.

When spare parts are purchased, please consider that they must be fitted by authorised and qualified technicians.  Ezidri Australia Pty Ltd disclaims all liability for any loss, damage, expense and costs incurred by any person if spare parts supplied by us are installed by unqualified personnel.

  • Thermal Fuse for Dehydrators (All Models) 94 degrees C
  • Ultra FD1000 Digital - Base Only
    No need to buy the whole unit if you only need to replace the base. Interchangeable with the Harvest Maid and the Ultra FD1000
  • Anuka Smoker Element *OUT OF STOCK*
  • Anuka Smoker Knob for Control Unit "OUT OF STOCK"
  • Anuka Smoker Leg "OUT OF STOCK"
  • Anuka Smoker Timer Control Unit "OUT OF STOCK"
  • Apple Peeler Arm Adjusting Screw & Spring
  • Apple Peeler Arm Latch
  • Apple Peeler Arm Tension Spring
  • Apple Peeler Base Screw
  • Apple Peeler Blade
  • Apple Peeler Blade Arm
  • Apple Peeler Corer/Slicer Blade
  • Apple Peeler Handle Butt Arm
  • Apple Peeler Handle Butt Bolt
  • Apple Peeler Prong
  • Apple Peeler Spindle
  • Apple Peeler Spindle Guide
  • Apple Peeler Suction Base & Winder
  • Apple Peeler Wing Bolt for Corer/Slicer Blade
  • Apple Peeler Wing Bolt for Peeler Blade
  • Apple Peeler Wooden Handle
  • Apple Peelr Spindle Guide Tension Spring
  • Classic FD300 Element/Fuse Assembly
  • Ezivac Motor & Vacuum Pump Assembly
  • Ezivac PCB
  • Ezivac Profile Sealing Rubber
    Clear, 34cm
  • Ezivac Vacuum Chamber Gasket
    Black, 34cm x 3cm
  • Ezivac Welding Bar Assembly
    Fits both Ezivac & Ezivac Deluxe Commercial units, 34cm
  • Fan/Impellor for Dehydrators (All Models)
  • Snackamker FD500 Digital - Base Only
    No need to buy the whole unit if you only need to replace the base.
  • Snackmaker FD500 & Classic FD300 Motor
  • Snackmaker FD500 /Digital/Classic FD300 Lid
    Lid to suit Snackmaker and Classic Units
  • Snackmaker FD500 Element/Fuse Assembly
  • Snackmaker FD500 PCB
    Front & Back of Snackmaker FD500 PCB
  • Starlock Fastener/Washer for Dehydrators (All Models)
    Starlock Washer for Fan/Impellor all models
  • Ultra FD1000 Element/Fuse Assembly
  • Ultra FD1000 Knob
  • Ultra FD1000 Motor
  • Ultra FD1000 PCB
    Front & back of Ultra FD1000 PCB
  • Ultra FD1000/DIGITAL Unit Lid
    Replacement lid to fit Ultra FD 1000/DIGITAL