Whether you're looking for delicious, healthy lunches, impressing guests with sensational starters or simply want to enjoy the simplicity of Japanese cuisine at home - the ultimate cooking accessory has arrived....the SUSHEZI!

  • The Sushezi is a fantastic device which makes perfect sushi in minutes. You will instantly be amazed and making sushi like a professional!
  • The Sushezi creates perfectly formed, round, bite size sushi quickly and reliably with no guesswork and no trial and error. Perfect sushi every time!
  • Try hundreds of different recipes and different combinations of ingredients with the Sushezi. The possibilities are endless. Make perfect sushi anytime, every time.
  • Ezidri australia is the exclusive Australian importer and agent for Sushezi and has established a strong network of distributors and retailers across Australia. 


  • Sushezi Sushi Maker
  • Sushezi Sushi Maker 2 piece Set
    It's all about the presentation! Cut your Sushi into even formed slices with the new Sushezi cutting guide.