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Ezidri Australia Pty Ltd is a family-owned Australian Company that markets an exclusive range of high quality products through leading retail outlets nationally.


Based in Adelaide, South Australia, the company was originally founded in 1980 as Hillmark Industries Pty Ltd. Following the sale of its Hillmark-branded appliance cleaning products business to Selleys in November 2008, the company changed its name to Ezi Concepts.


In April 2014, the Company was re named Ezidri Australia Ptd Ltd to further identify with its flagship product range of High Quality Ezidri Food Dehydrators.


Ezidri Australia Pty Ltd is the exclusive Australian agent and wholesaler for the New Zealand designed Ezidri range which is now distributed through 17 countries world wide.


Ezidri New Zealand is also well known as the manufacturer of the popular Harvest Maid Ultra FD1000 Food Dehydrator. From 1981-1998, this very robust appliance was widely distributed throughout Australia until it was superseded by the current Ezidri branded Digital Ultra FD1000.


Ezidri Australia Pty Ltd remains committed to the continued supply of accessories to all the loyal Harvest Maid users. All trays, lid, solid and mesh sheets, including the base of the Ezidri machine are interchangeable with the Harvest Maid appliance.

Ezidri Australia continually strives to provide a high quality range of kitchen appliances and products along with a focus on aftermarket support and service.

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