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Magic Vac 'Alice'



The Magic Vac will revolutionise the way in which you buy & store your food!

  • By using this high-quality, Italian-made vacuum packing system you can greatly extend the life of your food, whether it is kept in the pantry, fridge or freezer.

  • The Magic Vac vacuum packing system extends the shelf life of your product by up to 5 times by removing over 70% of the air which in turn reduces oxidisation, prevents freezer burn & also prevents microbes like bacteria & mould from ruining your food.

  • It's perfect for fresh foods and is also fantastic for increasing the life of the dehydrated delicacies you've created with your Ezidri dehydrator!

  • The best part is it's so easy! Thanks to the fully-automatic operation of the Magic Vac, vacuum packing only takes a couple of minutes!

  • The Magic Vac makes a great addition to every kitchen - you'll quickly wonder what you ever did without it!

  •  36 month service and repair warranty.

Each Magic Vac 'Alice' comes complete with…

  • Powerful 0.8 Bar ( 11.6 psi ) pump

  • Fully automatic operation

  • Manual override function for vacuuming delicate foods

  • 10 reusable bags 20 x 30cm

  • Connecting tube for canisters

  • MagicVac bag cutter

  • Detailed instruction manual

  • 36 month warranty

  • Made in Italy

Using your Magic Vac Alice:

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