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Welcome to the wonderful world of
food dehydration!

  • You can dry almost everything including fruit, vegetables, herbs & spices, meat, fish – even flowers. Dehydrating intensifies the aroma and taste of food, transforming it into the perfect ingredient for enhancing the flavour of your favourite snacks and dishes.

  • Market-leading Ezidri range offers the ultimate in food drying appliances, accessories & service.

  • It's so easy! To dehydrate anything, all you need to do is simply slice your produce, set it on the trays and forget about it for the next 8-12 hours. You can even leave it on overnight, so you can wake up to a dehydrator full of dried goodness ready to be enjoyed!

  • With 2 different models to choose from, there’s one to suit everyone’s needs & budget.   Ezidri spare parts do not fit the Harvestmaid Machines but all accessories  are compatible.  Ezidri Bases can be purchased by themselves if a complete new machine is not required. 

  • Ezidri Australia is the exclusive Australian importer and agent for Ezidri dehydrators and has established a strong network of distributors and retailers across Australia. 


The Ezidri models are:

Ultra FD1000 Digital

Snackmaker FD500 Digital

* Please note - As we have two different models, the size of the trays and accessories are also different - 

Snackmaker trays are 34cm wide and the Ultra trays are 39cm wide.


All Accessories fit Harvestmaid Snackmaker and Ultra machines

Introducing the Ezidri Dehydrator!

Watch an episode of "In the Garden" with Kym Syrus demonstrating how to dry apples:

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